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Bài mẫu báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại nhà hàng
Bài mẫu báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại nhà hàng


I would like to express my deep gratitude to Song Long Restaurant Co, Ltd management and all staff members, my research supervisors, for their patient guidance, enthusiastic encouragement and useful critiques who have dedicated to me during the practice period with limited time and business. It is very limited so my repost is inevitably flawed.

I look forward to receiving comments, suggestions and corrections from the instructor as well as the teachers and siblings at school in order that we have the opportunity to supplement, improve our knowledge and better serve the actual work later of this research work.
Finally, I wish to thank my parents for their support and encouragement throughout my study.
Thank you and best regards,

Table of Contents báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại nhà hàng

1. Introduction 
2. Internship Duties and Responsibilities 
2.1. Process description 
2.2. Job description 
3. Knowledge and skills applied during the internship 
4. Knowledge and skills learned from the internship 
5. Shortfalls in knowledge and skills 

PREFACE Bài mẫu báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh 

With the fast development trends in tourism in each travel needs of other people more and more. Before the situation that the trend of the world when that economy integration trends in the region and the world. Customers always have the comparison between quality services eating in Vietnam and the quality of service in that they go through.

Not only the restaurant in the Centre of the city to pay attention to improving the quality of services that in Ho Chi Minh city of restaurant such as the Song Long restaurant also need much care to the quality of the service in the service. For the reasons above and based on the internship process was the help of the front desk staff and teachers, so look forward to the contributions of the employees in the restaurant and the instructors to complete this internship.

Field surveys to assess the status front organizations operating in Song Long restaurant then set out a number of proposals to improve the efficiency of operations at Song Long restaurant. Through this internship helped me learn more about the work of specialized reception, ensure the close coordination of the work is not a mistake, made a good impression for visitors.

From practical experience during this internship will be equipped me with more knowledge, ready for professional work after I graduated. After graduating limited happened was wrong. Working at the department regularly exposed of many types of customers and different personalities experienced in ceases in work to better serve customers.

1. Introduction

Trade name: Song Long Restaurant Co, Ltd.
Tax code: 0314544635
Address: 84 Tran Huy Lieu, Precinct 15, Phu Nhuan Urban District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Legal representative: Mr. Ngoc Nhanh Vo
Date of issue: July 31st 2017
Day of operation: august 8th 2017 (taxpayer are operating)
Registered management: tax department of Phu Nhuan district
Main job: restaurant and mobile services
Organization Structure
The organization diagram of Song Long restaurant trading and services co, ltd limited 18 departments. Here are the diagram and functional organizational structure:

Figure 1. Organization structure
The restaurant’s general aim is to focus on eating services have a high income, and associated with the attracting tourist company with international clients coming to the Song Long restaurant.

2. Internship Duties and Responsibilities

2.1. Process description
Through the working time with the experience I had after two months. I began writing the internship report to submit my instructor.
On June 10th 2018 I went to Song Long restaurant trading and services co, ltd to start my internship. Specifically, I was chosen to be a receptionist. I worked as a housekeeping in restaurant. I go to reception area and work as a receptionist. The jobs that I need to do are translator to make staff can understand the requirement that foreign customers to solve their problems, write registration book of temporary residence.

Under the help of management staff, I know clearly established history of Song Long Restaurant Trading and Services Co, Ltd daily work. Also, through the time I write the internship report. After I finish my internship report, I give it to director of Song Long restaurant for stamp. Finally, I submit internship report to my instructor and faculty of foreign language.

2.2. Job description
My job is as a receptionist in Song Long restaurant. This job is not simple as t thought at beginning, but I still try to complete my job. This job requires calm, friendly and polite. Besides working as a receptionist, I worked as a housekeeping to maintain a clean, sanitary, comfortable and tidy environment for restaurant. This job requires careful and scrupulous.

These job are forwarding information by receiving and distributing communications to security guard, replying mail for customer, using English to communicate with foreign customers, cleaning restaurant room, answering telephone calls and handling any complains from customers.
These jobs require the skills and qualifications like telephone skills, typing, verbal communication, written communication, attention to detail, and concessions.

3. Knowledge and skills applied during the internship

The internship environment is a great opportunity for you to practice, improve your communication skills. There are not many students because of psychological timidity, fear of saying wrong, wrong when the workplace only passive silence and wait for work.

So you wasted your opportunity to learn. During the internship, you need to actively communicate by foreign language with customers in abroad – grasp their needs and wants to serve the best customers, thereby, gradually training natural communication for themselves.

You also need to quickly get acquainted, start conversations, communicate with you, the official staff to learn the experience of effective work from them and be guided in the wrong. This also helps you build a network of relationships to ask questions when needed and serve for future work.

Dịch vụ viết thuê báo cáo thực tập lâu đời
Dịch vụ viết thuê báo cáo thực tập lâu đời

4. Knowledge and skills learned from the internship

During the internship period, I was learnt many things.
Firstly, I worked as a receptionist so I studied the works that a receptionist needed to do. Specifically, I knew the step to check in and check out. Moreover, I knew the way the handle complains from customers. The problems need be flexible solved and I achieved it.

Secondly, I learnt the steps to clean restaurant room as a service. This job made me feel more briskly and carefully.

Lastly, I had many great chances to learn new language and used it to talk with foreign customers. Sometimes, I can use Chinese language, which I learnt in Hutech University, to talk with Chinese. Furthermore, I also learnt way of greeting by Japanese period.

5. Shortfalls in knowledge and skills

This is an important stage, which is the basis for the office staff before entering the workplace. The “Graduation Apprentice Report” is the result of the trainee’s work including all work from the Office of the Secretary of the Archives, the Archives of Archives, The job of an office secretary is to be responsible and efficient at work, on the basis of which she can supplement knowledge, draw valuable experience to improve herself.

Also, I still need to learn more about scheduling and scheduling headings, arranging science and science labs, and scientifically-organized, neat and quick-to-find materials, avoiding loss of time and loss of materials.

CONCLUSION Bài mẫu báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại nhà hàng

With the knowledge that I have been educated at school, the practical experience from the internship time with the guidance of the instructor and the Board of Directors and all the staff in the Song Long restaurant. I have introduced some solutions to improve business efficiency in restaurants. The topic is not new, but I hope with the solution that you give, the Song Long restaurant will have a certain interest to apply for restaurants, thereby to attract and exploit more visitors.

Coming to the Song Long restaurant in the competitive situation is more and more fierce today. Due to the time spent learning the real situation and the capacity of mine is limited, so my subject will not be able to avoid mistakes. I hope to receive feedback from teachers and the board in the restaurant to complete my topic. Once again, I would like to sincerely thank the Board of Directors, the staffs who worked at the restaurant enthusiastically helped me finish this thesis.


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