Internship Report tại công ty giao nhận, vận chuyển, FULL

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Dưới đây là Internship Report tại công ty giao nhận, vận chuyển, được Luận Văn Tốt dành nhiều thời gian để tìm kiếm thu thập và gửi đến các bạn sinh viên khoa ngôn ngữ anh có nhu cầu đang tìm kiếm các bài tương tự, hy vọng quy trình thao tác chuẩn dưới đây sẽ mang về cho các bạn một mẫu tài liệu có ích.

Nếu các bạn đang viết bài tiểu luận, báo cáo thực tập, khóa luận,… mà gặp bất cứ khó khăn gì cứ liên hệ qua zalo của Luận Văn Tốt để được hỗ trợ cũng như hoàn thiện bài làm trọn gói cho các bạn nhé.


CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION (Internship Report )

1.1. Purpose of internship

In the present society, the development of the economy is the main focus of the people, there are many companies and businesses operating to contribute to the economy of the country. In today’s pace of life as the economy develops, a number of industries develop and play a very important role, one of which is transport.
In order to meet the demand for transportation and transportation of goods, many companies have been established. They meet all needs when the market is needed. One of these companies is Nhat Sang Transportation Co., Ltd.
During the traineeship, trainee work as an employee in the administrative department. Daily work relates emails in English. Therefore, trainees have accumulated a lot of experience for jobs in the future.
From the knowledge learned at school, and the guidance of colleagues in the company helped the trainee accomplish the task assigned.
Due to the limited time and ability, the trainees can only analyze the situation of a Nhat Sang transportation company.

1.2. Significance of the internship

As a foreign language student, after the internship, the intern found that her communication skills improved a lot. Being exposed to the company’s English Email, the job forced her to cultivate more of his vocabulary specialized. So, the result of this practice is the intern got very much like teamwork skills, skills to solve work in a professional way, knowledge, experience from colleagues.


2.1. Overview of Nhat Sang Transport Co., Ltd

2.1.1. Introduction
The company is a private enterprise. Established in 2014 with the name is Nhat Sang Transportation Co., Ltd. The company has 60 members and 4 departments
On January 1, 2014, the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City granted the business license and allowed the company to officially come into operation as a limited company.
Nhat Sang Transportation Co., Ltd., address of the company is located at 37A Road 8, Long Buu Hamlet, Long Binh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.
Contact telephone numbers: 04 661 2811 and 04 661 2830.
Fax: 04 662 3914.
International transaction name: Nhat Sang Transport Company Limited
Short name: Nhat Sang Transport Co., Ltd.
Charter capital of the company: 17 000 000 000.
Tax code: 0312621108 (13/01/2014)
Legal representation: Nguyen Nhat Truong
Business license: 0312621108
Sector: Transportation of goods by road

2.1.2. Functions of the company
Supplying, transporting goods, inter-provincial and tourist transportation.
Trading in warehousing, loading and unloading goods, exploiting wharves and keeping vehicles, food and drink catering service, sports, and recreation facilities.
Nhat Sang Transport Company Limited is a legal entity in accordance with the law of Vietnam since the date of business registration to implement the independent economic accounting system, use its own seal, open bank account Goods in accordance with the law. Operating under the charter of the limited company with 2 or more members.

2.2. Duties and Responsibilities

2.2.1. Duties
Knowing how to manage Email. For example, look at the Email in English, for each Email between the partners and the company need to look at Email deals and important information. Then update all latest relevant information on the company’s system (SBS system).
Understanding material management activities, in order to strengthen knowledge and professional skills

2.2.2. Responsibilities
The intern is responsible for receiving, sorting and managing the company’s Email, assisting the co-workers to consolidate Email on each weekend, and perform other tasks as required by the superiors.

Viết thuê báo cáo thực tập điểm giỏi
Viết thuê báo cáo thực tập điểm giỏi


3.1. The application of knowledge in the internship

In the four skills of the language, I applied the reading and writing skills during the internship. Specifically, I read the documents and Email in English between partners and the company, got information on this Email, paid attention to the term of that Email. Every week, I collect and update information on the company’s SBS system.

3.2. The application of soft skills in the internship (Internship Report )

Teamwork skill
Group work is a really soft skill that the intern need when the intern practice. At the office, there should be cooperation as well as support among the team members to complete the work in the shortest time. People share ideas and ask questions when they have any questions to answer with the rest.
Professional communication skills
Exchange of work at work is usually done by email or in-house chat system. For example, when exchanging emails via email the intern learned and applied for the job: “Dear brother/sister, I send you the document B. The document was attached in the email. You look and ask for comments. Sincerely, C. Children”
Skills to deal with emotional stress

Similar to other formal jobs, the practice sometimes makes the intern feel tired, depressed, even just want to leave immediately to just want to have plenty of time to rest on their own. Just like any other reason, such as exam pressure, family ties, school ties, social relationships, will make the intern nervous. Hence, stress coping skills help the intern to think positively, despite the difficulties, gradually turning stress into positive motivation.
Analytical Thinking Skills
During my internship, the intern had many opportunities to apply thinking and analysis skills. Practicing thinking ability early in the analysis is quite dry and not easy at all. However, the intern tried to get used to it and turned it into my own instinctive habit.
Job management skills

The intern always arranges the right work according to the daily schedule and try to do the job that requires high thinking first, then the new job “stress” such as photo record, reply email.
Listen to and learn from other people’s critiques
It is difficult to accept criticism from others, even if it is constructive criticism. But this is a skill that is important in the learning process as well as the career of everyone. Therefore, the intern always keeps calm and have a good attitude towards criticism.

Internship Report tại công ty giao nhận, vận chuyển, FULL
Internship Report tại công ty giao nhận, vận chuyển, FULL


This internship is an important bridge between theory and practice.
Firstly, practice is the opportunity to practice which the intern learned
Internship process compare with the time spent studying theory basis at college is very short, but it gave me a lot of practical experience which is not in books.
During this time, the intern came into contact with the working environment which was self-sufficient and applied the knowledge and my skills of the profession in practice.
In addition, during the internship, the intern also have the opportunity to observe, understand the requirements of the profession and self-assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of myself.
Secondly, the intern practiced and get acquainted with work pressure

The workload, as well as the working hours at the company, usually lasts 8 hours per day. Meanwhile, the training program does not require the intern to work so constantly. So, through this practice period, the intern can gradually train my biological clock to adapt to the new environment. Moreover, job requirements often require the intern to handle things quickly and more at the same time, the practice time has also given the intern a stepping stone to get acquainted with the work pressure before the start of my careers.

Besides, the advantages are the difficulties I have got during the internship.
Because this is my first time the intern embarked on my internship in Finance department of Nhat Sang Transport Co., Ltd, the intern is still confused. The work is a little different from what the intern has learned in college. However, the intern has clearly defined the internship objective and followed that goal in the process of writing the harvest, asking questions to consult teachers, gathering information related to the subject matter, interviews with relevant individuals and organizations within the company, and comparisons between theory background and my result I got.
In short, after the internship at the company, the intern took advantage of this time to accumulate my own learning experiences and the intern also realized that the intern was much more mature because the intern had more Experience in the field of internship and had my job orientation after graduation.


5.1. Communication skills (Internship Report )

Since I am afraid to communicate with strangers, I have trouble speaking with some colleagues at the company. The daily word is not enough to express, exchange work. So I think I should read more books and participate in more extracurricular activities to improve vocabulary.

5.2. How to write administrative documents

During the internship, I had a lot of administrative documents that need to be completed, lots of reports, plans to write constantly. When I started work, I did not have much experience despite training, I had some mistakes made when writing Emails. This problem was overcome when the colleagues in the company were devoted to helping me.

5.3. Work pressure (Internship Report )

The new working environment will put me under a lot of stress, pressure from work, colleagues, internships and lots of other issues. Sometimes you get confused by the work I do the first time, do a lot of work at once and sometimes even criticized. I realize that work pressure is many times higher than the pressure of testing. However, I have tried and perfected to complete all the work assigned.

5.4. Relationship with colleagues

As a trainee in a short time, I also have difficulty working as a team. Being unfamiliar with the job, I made my colleagues have some trouble when doing Emails. But that’s not a big deal, colleagues are always happy and ready to help me.
In short, I realized that practicing is not just about getting to know a job but it is also a great opportunity for me to find work and opportunities for the future.


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